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AMT Products

AMTB1326: 1g/$110, 5g/$330

AKSci stocks many unique compounds courtesy of our partner AMT, including a growing range of organoborons and functionalized, high purity PEG reagents and linkers, and unique compounds with no CAS numbers.

Screening Compounds

AKSci offers a large diversity of original lead-like and drug-like screening compounds from our partner HTS Biochemie. The collection was created with high quality and following reliable standards in biochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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High Quality Inhibitors, Modulators, Ligands, Bioactives, and Reference Compounds for life science research, drug discovery, and many other research & development needs

Novel Building Blocks, Intermediates, and Reagents for organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process development and other fields

Functional Specialty Chemical products for applications in life sciences, materials science, and other Research & Development use

AK Scientific products are available for research and development only, not for any other purpose. Our products may only be used by or directly under the supervision of a technically qualified individual

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