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How to Order Online

In addition to ordering by phone, fax or email, you may place your order through our Website - no login required! This is the most efficient way of placing your order with us. By ordering online, you will see the most current pricing and availability of our products.



In the top right, you can search for your desired compounds by All or one of the following: Catalog ID, MDL # (MFCD), Compound Name, Registry # (CAS) or Molecular Formula.


Product Page

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For each product you can review the chemical properties like purity/physical form or see only the pricing .

In the Pricing section, it will have one of the following listed for each package size:

  • Has Price, "IN STOCK" - This size is in stock and has pricing. Enter a quantity and add it to your cart .
  • No Price, "IN STOCK" - This size is in stock, but there is no pricing. Enter a quantity and add it to your cart if you received a quote from us.
  • "Backordered" - This size is not in stock, but you can inquire about the leadtime and/or add it to your cart as a backorder.
  • "Please contact us for price and availability." - This product is not in stock. You can inquire about price and leadtime.

  • If you are adding a "Bulk" package size to your cart, you may enter "1" in the quantity, but please remember to note the size and price in the comments field at checkout.

    The pricing and availability are current as of the date and time shown after "Last Updated".


    In the very top right hand corner, you will see the number of items and total cost that is in your cart. Click the "Cart" to review it before checkout.

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    Please review the items in your cart. To the right of the quantity it will say, "In stock" or "Partial stock, backorder remainder". If a backorder is required, we will contact you to confirm with you the leadtime. Please refresh your browser if you do not see a stock status.

    If you are ready to order, click "Checkout" .


    Below is what the actual checkout page will look like to you. All the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*) must be filled out to submit your order. Please use the Comments field to enter any of the requested information as noted below (also will be noted in the checkout page):

  • CC####: We will contact you if we do not have this card. If no card is noted, we will charge the latest card we have on file.
    New Customers, send us your CC info by telephone, email or fax to avoid delays in processing your order.

  • $Quote: Specify the Catalog Number-Size-Price, "165002-600g-$306"

  • Carrier Acct: Note the Carrier and Account # here. If you know we have it on file, you may simply enter "Charge FedEx/UPS Account".

  • Tax Exempt: Taxes only applied to California shipping locations, unless tax exempt.

  • Other: Any other notes for this order (e.g. MSDS, COA, Shipping Notes, etc).

    We currently do not have a secure form to enter your complete credit card information, so you may enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable. We will contact you if we are missing anything.

    If you select "New Customer", it will prompt you with this information.

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    If you hit the "Submit" button and nothing happens, please review that you have filled in all the required fields (red comments will appear to the right of the empty required field).

    If your order goes through, then it will give you an Order Confirmation Number and tell you that a Confirmation Email has been sent to you.

    4. DONE!

    Your order is complete!