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Inhibitors, Bioactives & Reference

• Pharmacology
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• Natural Product & Supplement
• Biocides
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• Aryl & Aliphatic
• Heterocyclic
• Amino Acids
• Inorganics
• Organoborons
• Screening Compounds
Reagents for Synthesis
• Common Reagents
• Chiral Synthesis
• Organosilicons
• Peptide Coupling
Biochemicals and more
• Carbohydrates
• Nucleobases
• Specialty Chemicals

AMT Products:
• Biaryls    
• Click Chemistry    
• Organoborons     
• Organosilicons    
• Other AMT Compounds    
• Bioactives
• General Compounds
• Halogenated Compounds
• Molecular Fluorophores & Dyes
• PEG Reagents & Linkers
• AMT No CAS # Products
• AMT Literature

HTS-Biochemie Products:
• HTS Screening Compounds

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Product Quality Policy & Documentation

If you need to check AK Scientific, Inc.'s product specifications to help you make your purchasing decision, we can provide you with the required documentation.
  • Each batch of every product is rigorously analyzed for identity and purity by our internal QC/QA team at San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • All products' quality is guaranteed.
  • We will replace the item or refund the cost if you have any quality problems.
  • MSDS, COA, NMR, HPLC (ELSD), LCMS, GC, FT-IR spectra or CHN results are available upon request. Specific Cat# and Lot# can be found on product labels.
  • Expiration Date/Suggested Re-Test Date is three years from the Date listed on our COA, unless otherwise specified.
  • For bulk products, we will provide all necessary documents/QC Spectra to meet your specifications
Please email us at to request for related documents.