81810-66-4, 850339-82-1 Quinocetone AKSci J62519
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, 95%

CAS Number:81810-66-4, 850339-82-1
MDL Number:MFCD09753267
Min. Purity Spec:95%
Physical Form (at 20°C):Solid
Melting Point:199-203°C
Refractive Index:1.62
Long-Term Storage:Store long-term in a cool, dry place
Not hazardous material


 Quinocetone is a quinoxaline-N,N-dioxide antimicrobial agent used in veterinary medicine as a feed additive for livestock, birds and fish. It is an antidiarrheal growth promotion drug developed in Lanzhou, China. Quinocetone has also been seen to induce a decline in aldosterone production from the swine adrenal glands in vivo and in vitro, and thus cause hypovolemia, hyponatremia and hyperkalemia. The compound is under investigation for potential benefits against aldosterone dysmetabolism disease via the reduction of aldosterone production in adrenal and/or the cardiovascular tissues. This may provide a new option in the therapy for aldosterone dysmetabolism disease, especially in the cardiovascular system.

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Signal Word

Hazard Statements
H315; H319; H335

Precautionary Statements
P261; P264; P271; P280; P302+P352; P304+P340; P305+P351+P338; P312; P321; P332+P313; P337+P313; P362; P403+P233; P405; P501

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