474-25-9 Chenodeoxycholic acid AKSci J10019
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  J10019    AKSci Reference Standard
Chenodeoxycholic acid
, >98% (HPLC), powder
3alpha,7alpha-Dihydroxy-5beta-cholanic acid, 5beta-Cholanic acid-3alpha,7alpha-diol
Chenocholic acid

CAS Number:474-25-9
MDL Number:MFCD00064142
Min. Purity Spec:>98% (HPLC), powder
Physical Form (at 20°C):Solid
Melting Point:142-146°C
Optical Rotation:+13° (c=2, EtOH)
Long-Term Storage:Store long-term in a cool, dry place
Not hazardous material

Solubility:DMSO: 79mg/mL; H2O: <1mg/mL; EtOH: 79mg/mL
Application(s):An apoptosis inducer via PKC-dependent signalling pathway
Form:Free Base


 A bile acid. When the compound is altered by bacteria in the colon, it will result in conversion to its secondary bile acid known as lithocholic acid. Both of these bile acids, in addition to the others, can be conjugated to taurine or glycine. Conjugation, a function carried out by the liver will result in a lowered pKa and therefore, the compounds will remain ionized. These ionized compounds will stay in the gastrointestinal tract until reaching the ileum where they will be reabsorbed. The purpose of this conjugation is to keep the bile acids in the tract until the end to facilitate lipid digestion all the way to the ileum.

[1]Casaburi I, Avena P, Lanzino M, Sisci D, Giordano F, Maris P, Catalano S, Morelli C, Andò S (2012). Chenodeoxycholic acid through a TGR5-dependent CREB signaling activation enhances cyclin D1 expression and promotes human endometrial cancer cell proliferation. Cell Cycle. 11(14):2699-710. PMID 22751440.
[2] Liu CL, Chang CL, Jhou SY, Higuchi WI (2012). Determination of binding affinity for chenodeoxycholate in equilibrium with sulfobutylether-beta-cyclodextrin. J Pharm Sci. 101(8):2883-90. PMID 22674230.



Signal Word

Hazard Statements
H315; H319; H335

Precautionary Statements
P261; P264; P271; P280; P302+P352; P304+P340; P305+P351+P338; P312; P321; P332+P313; P337+P313; P362; P403+P233; P405; P501

Current as of April 15, 2024

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