[33069-62-4] Paclitaxel AKSci A648
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  A648    AKSci Reference Standard
, 99% (HPLC)

CAS Number:[33069-62-4]
MDL Number:MFCD00869953
Purity:99% (HPLC)
Available Spectra:LCMS, FT-IR, HPLC, Polarimetry
Physical Form:White to off-white powder
Melting Point:213-220°C
Optical Rotation:-49° - -54° (c=1, MeOH)
Long-Term Storage:Store long-term at 2-8°C
UN #:Not Ha

Solubility:DMSO: 171mg/mL; H2O: <1mg/mL; EtOH: 18mg/mL
Application(s):Mitotic inhibitor


 Paclitaxel interferes with the normal function of microtubule growth. Whereas drugs like colchicine cause the depolymerization of microtubules in vivo, paclitaxel arrests their function by having the opposite effect; it hyper-stabilizes their structure. This destroys the cell's ability to use its cytoskeleton in a flexible manner. Specifically, paclitaxel binds to the β-subunit of tubulin. Tubulin is the ''building block'' of mictotubules, and the binding of paclitaxel locks these building blocks in place. The resulting microtubule/paclitaxel complex does not have the ability to disassemble. This adversely affects cell function because the shortening and lengthening of microtubules (termed dynamic instability) is necessary for their function as a transportation highway for the cell. Chromosomes, for example, rely upon this property of microtubules during mitosis. Further research has indicated that paclitaxel induces programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells by binding to an apoptosis stopping protein called Bcl-2 (B-cell leukemia 2) and thus arresting its function.

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Hazard Statements
H315; H317; H318; H334; H335; H341; H361; H370; H413

Precautionary Statements
P201; P202; P260; P264; P270; P271; P272; P273; P280; P302+P352; P304+P340; P305+P351+P338; P310; P321; P333+P313; P362; P403+P233; P405; P501

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AKSci Reference Standards are high-purity, low-impurity compounds suitable for use as standards.

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