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Providing 100% Quality Assurance from the San Francisco Bay Area

AMTB1047: 1g/$80, 5g/$240

AKSci stocks many unique compounds courtesy of our partner AMT, including dual-functional molecules containing trifluoroborates and morpholine amides which are the lower cost alternatives to Weinreb amides.

  • High Quality Inhibitors, Modulators, Ligands, Bioactives, and Reference Compounds for life science research, drug discovery, and many other research & development needs

  • Novel Building Blocks, Intermediates, and Reagents for organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process development and other fields

  • Functional Specialty Chemical products for applications in life sciences, materials science, consumer products, and industrial processes

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  • We are committed to keeping our products in stock. Orders placed before 4PM PT are shipped the same day. If you can't find a desired compound, please send us an inquiry. We add new products daily, so don't hesitate to contact us about your needs.
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    AKSci offers a large diversity of original lead-like and drug-like screening compounds from our partner HTS Biochemie. The collection was created with high quality and following reliable standards in biochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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